Gerbing Heated Gloves 1.4 AMP Battery Packs G12V-1400KIT

Heated Gloves 1.4 AMP Battery Packs

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Two powerful rechargeable 12 volt Lithium-ion batteries witha microprocessor inside. These batteries are an optional extra which can be used with our Hybrid Gloves. They can be stored in the cuff of the gloves and are ideal for commuters.

Both batteries have a built-in temperature controller with 3 different settings;

Red is 100% heat output, Orange is 66% heat output and Yellow is 33% heat output.. An LED-indicator shows how much power is left in the battery.

Actual run time may vary depending on ambient temperature. Battery capacity decreases in very cold weather, especially if the battery is not insulated and is left exposed to the elements. At less than -5°C a battery may only produce 80% of its capacity. To extend battery life even if the batteries are not used always keep at least 25% charged. In the summer charge the batteries once a month.

Charger lead has EU plug, UK adapter needed but not supplied. Not for use in USA.