New Harley-Davidson® 2019 1200 Custom

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1200cc Air-Cooled Evolution® Engine - An iconic V-Twin engine that is renowned for its massive low-end torque and soul-satisfying sound. Lightweight aluminum heads and cylinders improve air-cooling efficiency.

Closed Loop Exhaust System - It delivers heart-pounding performance and a soul-satisfying rumble, and is designed to meet future worldwide emissions standards.

Blacked-Out and Chrome Details - The 1200 Evolution® V-Twin engine features black rockers, a black chrome oval air cleaner cover, and a black-and-chrome timer cover. Set against all that: a chrome shorty dual exhaust.

Custom-Style Paint - Features bold, fast graphics with a racing stripe on the fuel tank.

Black Laced Steel Wheels - When it comes to custom, standout wheels are a must. The sleek black laced steel wheels, for a raw, classic look wherever you roll. Custom style for a custom ride.


You get the 1200cc Evolution® engine, chrome shorty dual exhaust, and bold graphics on the tank. And that’s just the start. Where it goes from there is up to you.