Silent Grey Fellow - Silent Grey Fellow

60 Years Of The Sportster

Classic Workshop - The Specialist How To Keep Harley-Davidson Sportsters Happy

Harley-Davidson Roadster™ "A Harley® you can truly hustle"

How I did it... Charlie Stockwell, 34, designer at Warr’s Harley-Davidson, London

Harleys are like leather jackets, they never go out of fashion

"Warr's KR750TT and XR750TT"

Warr's 90th Celebration Day

"Warr's 90th Celebration Day"

"1914 Grayfellow"

"30 Years Of H.O.G"

"Keep H-D® Sportsters Happy"

"Fat Bob high-performing specs"

"Eco Evolution Is At Full Throttle"

"Cleaning up on Harley-Davidsons"

"Fat Bob with high-performing specs"

"Stunning looking machines"

Street Bob Bobber

Warr's are used to being the first

"Warr's are used to being the first"

Dealer Customs

"It was a landmark year, was 1924"

Kings Road Customs
There’s a new terminator in town

"There’s a new terminator in town"

"...sumptuous showroom and workshop..."

"Worlds Best Bike Shop"

"Fat Bob with high-performing specs"

"Fat Bob with high-performing specs"

The best custom Harley Cross Bones I have ever seen...

"the best custom “Harley Cross Bones” I have ever seen..."

"We always want to provide the customer with a stunning motorcycle"

HOG Magazine winter edition '09

"Immaculate art-deco effect paint"

Deco Bobber

"The bike looks so good"

Street Bob Tracker

"Warr's Bobbers are a perfect choice"

Bonneville Bobber

"Warr's at the Ace Cafe"

"Congratulations to Jeremy McWilliams"