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Wed, 22 Mar 2017

Bill Middleton, Georgia, USA.

To the Manager of Warr's Harley Davidson

Hi, I have an 06 and 04 Harley Deuce I was outfitting with NOS saddlebags. I have been looking for weeks for HD part number 90355-00 (Deuce Taillight relocation Kit). This is an obsolete part number and I was able to locate several sets of this part number in Europe and the UK. (It seems that more people over there install bags compared to the States.

I had previously contacted multiple dealers only to be informed that they do not ship to North or South America.

I sent an email to your site inquiring about the possibility of purchasing from your facility.

To my pleasant surprise, this morning I had a very nice email from someone at your facility named Dom (Parts Dept, Kings Rd). Not only did Dom take the time to reply to my email, Dom also took the time search the Harley database in the States and provided a list of dealers that had the part last time the system was updated. Thanks to Dom, I located (2) sets of the taillight relocation kits.

I went to my local Harley dealer an explained that what I needed was located at the Harley dealer in Lake Charles, LA. I have purchased the parts and have them on the way.

Again many, many thanks to Dom for the valued assistance with my problem and please let him know that I am extremely grateful for the time spent helping me resolve my issue with the obsolete parts.

Warmest regards,