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Mon, 10 Sep 2018

Dietmar Assimis-Kohls, London.

Hallo John (Warr)

After extensive riding my new purchase, the (1996 FLSTN) Evo Softail, I would like to express a few comments.
I am literally over the moon and back with the Bike, such excellent handling, feel and of course the sound of it.

Truly happy with it and also thanks to you and Rob for getting some older models in as well.

My Gratitude goes out to the following people as well, to Bruno, for his patience and help, to my all time favourite mechanic Derek, for answering my relentless questions about technical issues.

To the workshop manager John Towns, for a brilliant suggestion regarding the frame for the saddle bag, great John, it works perfect.

You Guys are just wonderful.

Splendid my dear Boys.

Best as ever

Dietmar Assimis-Kohls