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Tue, 21 Oct 2014

Guglielmo, London. October 2014

Dear Charlie (Kings Road Customs),

I would like to thank you for your dedication, passion and love you are putting in making my bike.

This morning has been one of most magic my moments of my life I will never forget.

Life is full of troubles and problems, when I was there I was just in another world.

I am lucky, I do not need drugs to get somewhere else. I need good passion.

Seeing the logo coming out little by little gave me a lot of happiness, I saw the creation of this artefact .

That bike is piece of moving art, art on two wheel. Simply wonderful. I love it. A masterpiece.

If the police would stop me for the Licence Plate, I would tell them: "this plate is part of this work of art”

“Art has no time, this bike has no time, it is before and after 1973 and I think could have only a black/silver plate”

I hope they will understand me!

I am crazy, crazy of happiness.

Thank you very much,