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Sat, 30 May 2015

Ian and El Jacklin, Willesden Green, London. May 2015

“Our Warr’s experience from day one was amazing, it was so relaxed and friendly. The shop layout is great and we perused all the shiny beautiful  bikes until we decided on a new Sportster ’72.

Paul Rose was brilliant and stayed with us throughout our visit while we sat on the bikes, giving much appreciated advice, suggestions, quotes, prices and all our options.

We chose all our accessories and when we picked up the bike it was exactly as we wanted it. We bought the bike without even seeing it but we were 100% confident and we weren’t disappointed.

The bike is fantastic and fun and the whole Warr’s experience was a complete thrill and pleasure from start to finish, they make you feel very special and I would highly recommend Warr’s to anyone”.

Thanks Paul, from Ian & El.