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Mon, 24 Mar 2014

Jean O'Connell, California USA. March 2014

Good Morning John,

Ref Harry in Warr's Boutique

After several attempts to find online, something that I would like; would wear; and most importantly would represent the very cool WARR’S of London HD Dealership Logo and it had to be prominently displayed, I found what was perfect. No doubt you are aware of difference in sizes and Harry patiently helped me to find and fit what ended up being perfect, well, a perfect fit. The exchange was seamless thanks to Harry.

I work at a church and I have parishioners that travel all over so I have quite a collection. I love my Warr’s of London the best. I even went on to buy a pullover as that had the best in-as-far as a logo that best represented Warr’s. I love both my sweatshirt and the other shirt as well. Harry was patient and kind and really took the time to make sure I was satisfied with my purchases.

Jean O'Connell