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Thu, 05 Jun 2014

Keith Jones, London. June 2014

Dear both (John & Rob),

Just wanted to write to you both to record my thanks for three things:


1.       I am really pleased with the CVO Road King and now I have ridden it a fair bit, I think it is a major improvement over my last Road King and I just love it.  Many thanks for the support and service in getting it and handing it over to me.  Job very well done.  (I know it’s what you do, but thanks never go amiss!).


2.       I really enjoyed the St Tropez trip and I think you and the Chapter officers made a really good job of a very memorable ride out and lunch.  Thanks so much for that.


3.       Finally, I thought the 90th birthday party was great and congratulations on making it a really good day.  Thanks also for that!


Best Wishes