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Wed, 06 May 2015

Mark Rogers, London. May 2015

As a new rider looking at getting my first bike, it was a little daunting stepping into the unknown world of motorcycles. Especially moving from the relatively small Yamaha I'd learnt on, to a 300 kilo Street Bob. However Warr's were really welcoming and helpful with my questions and setting up the test ride. Sahra (Kings Rd sales dept) looked after me from start to finish and it was more like joining a new community than having a car salesman push you into buying something you didn't want. She even saved me some money with her recommendation for the Harley-Davidson insurance.

And how am I enjoying the bike? Lets just say the grin hasn't left my face since I picked it up! I love riding it and I've had endless compliments from jealous friends, family and even random people on the street. I'd highly recommend it.

Mark Rogers, South West London