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Sat, 29 Oct 2016

Mike Bartlett, Kent. October 2016

Hello Mr Warr,

I find it strange that someone should invest a probable fortune to obtain a Harley Davidson dealership, set up a fabulous showroom and workshop staffed with lovely polite helpful people.   Yet fail to ensure the knowledge was available to talk constructively to customers and overcome problems with motorcycles in their garage.

Unfortunately this is what I found trying to deal with my local (dealer name deleted) Harley Davidson dealer and a pretty disappointing reaction from their director when I complained.  They had initially diagnosed a faulty coil only for me to breakdown within twenty miles.  I renovate old British motorcycles so have some knowledge; and can read.   After five weeks of my suggesting to test the ignition module and them doing everything but, I pulled the bike from them.

One phone call to Warr's in Mottingham and Shaun immediately diagnosed the problem and arranged the whole procedure to get the bike into the workshop when the unit arrived.  The bike was back on the road the day the part arrived.

Not previously a Harley man Warr's Mottingham who I had used in the past confirmed what I always felt was true, you’re the best.

I had previously hired from you, recommended your company to colleagues who are now your customers but really never appreciated how good you really are.   The staff at Mottingham are always pleasant and helpful and can all talk bike, with workshop staff that are knowledgeable and helpful.

Please congratulate them all, although I mostly deal with Shaun who I think is a bit special; as an ex-employer myself I appreciate how important it is to have a strong friendly team from the top. Thank you.

I wear your 90 year badge with pride and look forward to celebrating in 2024.

Kind regards
Mike Bartlett