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Fri, 30 Jan 2015

Paul Phillips, Bromley. January 2015

Dear Alex (Mottingham GM),

I have owned more than a dozen bikes over a 30 year period. I remember the first one, a Yamaha RD350 which I rode with a sidewinder kit until I past my test. I loved this bike and how easily it could be ridden at speed and flung through corners, and the amusement of pulling wheelies and braking so hard that the back end lifted into the air. I was 20 years old then, and I never thought about the risks...it was all about the thrills, freedom and the noise of that 2-stroke engine that sounded like a bowl of giant Rice Crispies popping and crackling.

No bike I've owned since has even come close to giving me any similar pleasures, but today I rode home as the owner of my second Harley, a softail Fat Boy and I trully felt like being a young man again. Thankfully, it didn't pull wheelies like my first bike, but it popped and crackled even louder and pulled away from traffic steadier and maybe even quicker. I felt like a big kid to be honest, and got off the bike with no doubt whatsoever that I had just bought one hell of an awesome bike, and one that I will keep and take care of for a long time since its taken me more than 30 years to find it.

Many thanks