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Wed, 14 May 2014

Roger Line, Berkshire. May 2014.

Hi Liza (Harley-Davidson Customer Services)

People are often quick to complain in this world, but I would like to do the opposite and with good reason.

We travelled down to the European rally at St Tropez with a company called Tour1, "http://www.tour1.co.uk” which was run by 2 absolute gentlemen called Gary France and Paul Lusty from a company called "We Move Bikes"

It was a fantastic trip and superbly organised and I will be attending more of their tours. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for all things HD is infectious and having my bike shipped back to the UK has got to be the way forward.

And lastly I would just like to tell you that Warr's HD has simply got to be the best dealer in the world by a long way. The ride out and lunch they arranged at St Tropez was outstanding.  John and Rob Warr are simply the best. I ended up ordering a new CVO over lunch too :-).

Because of my work I had to move to London and joined Chelsea and Fulham Chapter and everybody here just loves Warr's. I have never heard a single complaint or negative comment about them. I think it is the difference between a dealer run by enthusiastic HD owners and a dealer owned and run by a car dealer who only cares about the profit.

Personally I think all dealer principles globally should spend a week with John and Rob Warr in an attempt to copy the passion that this simply outstanding dealer has created.

I can’t wait for the Warr's 90th Anniversary event on the 1st of June.

And finally I love my Road King CVO, a superb bike, I ride with a permanent smile on my face.

A very happy

Roger Line