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Mon, 30 Mar 2015

Sally Bishop, Surrey. March 2015

"I was always the one hearing or seeing a Harley go past and wishing it was me on it. The sound, the look of the bikes, hard to describe how it made me feel inside. Now it is me, I am the rider of a Harley, my very own, a dream come true! And I had never even been on a motorcycle until August of last year!

The staff at Warrs, King's Road have been friendly, welcoming and reassuring. I first visited the store about 10 years ago and came away with a T-shirt. This time they weren't 'phased' by me turning up with my grandchildren asleep in the buggy, wanting to buy more that that! There is always an offer of coffee!

Paul Rose (Kings Rd Sales) deserves a special mention for his patience and support! Thank you Paul!"