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Wed, 08 Jan 2014

Wendy Irvin, AL, USA. January 2014

Hi Melodee (Warr's Online Store)

Wow!! I have to tell you I am blown away by the fast shipping. I just checked tracking and my shirts are on the truck to be delivered to my house at lunch time.  I have lived in the US for 20+ years and have grown used to the fact that anything that comes from England will always take a while to get here (at absolute minimum 4 days to a week for a letter).

I ordered late Sunday and you guys shipped it yesterday, and it's about to be delivered as I type this.  You guys are AWESOME!!!!  And who knew FedEx could do that without crazy shipping charges??

I will absolutely be passing along this info to all of our Harley friends. I know they would love to check you guys out too.

Anyway, I'll let you get back to making everyone super-happy and thanks again for the outstanding customer service.

Very Sincerely,

Wendy Irvin, AL, USA