Battle of The Kings Winners 2016

King of Custom Winners 2016

To The Victor Go The Spoils

For the second year in a row we've won the coveted title of Harley-Davidson® UK Battle of the Kings, King of Customs Champions.

With our gorgeous XL883N Iron based Rascal Racer, we re-created a vision for a café racer, moving towards a more modern look. With an uncut front fairing, hand crafted seat unit, unique black exhausts and bespoke paint. Our design focuses on cutting out the unnecessary and emphasising the simple beauty found in the core of the Iron. Sometimes less really is more.

Thank you to all who voted for us in the primary public vote, we are grateful for your support and appreciation. We'll continue to work hard and we continue to create even more fantastic customs.

Charlie Stockwell

The Custom King

"I’m Charlie Stockwell and my passion for bikes started when I was thirteen. I was heavily influenced by my sister’s boyfriend’s (now husband) interest in bikes. It was the coolest thing for me at the time. Later I studied art and graphic design in London. By utilising both skills it is the perfect way for me to express two of my passions, Harley-Davidson and creative design by way of customisation. Each and every customer is introduced to a very unique experience from design to completion because customisation allows freedom of design, expressiveness and creation."

King of Customs Rascal Racer

Rascal Racer

As a café racer it had to have a front fairing. Though this is not your typical café racer fairing but more up to date. It’s not been cut for the headlight because this sits discreetly above it, behind the screen. The fairing struts are the only  fairing parts fabricated. The seat unit is an RSD item but with a crafted profile to give it its own identity. The rear light has been mounted out of sight within the tail section and uses a high output LED strip. The tank is standard size and shape – We didn’t want the bike to not to look like an Iron. The exhaust is a prototype Vance & Hines ‘Upsweep’ 2-1 black exhaust. Additional touches are many and include removing the paint from the rocker covers to leave bare aluminum and cutting down the cam covers by hand to achieve a crafted almost bygone industrial feel.

Rascal Racer - Gallery

*A very limited number of 'Rascal Racer' Championship winning replicas will be available from Warr's this Summer priced at just £12,995 on the road.