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100 year old Harley on test

1914 Silent Gray Fellow

Reprinted from HOG News, Issue 1 2014.

Today’s range of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles offers a combination of stylish design, comfort and ground-breaking technology that make riding one a memorable experience. Given that the Motor Company is more than 110 years old, you’d expect the motorcycles of the early days to be a far cry from the sophisticated machines of today. This is certainly what we expected when HOG® magazine took one of just a few remaining 1914 Silent Gray Fellow Sport models for a ride in London’s Battersea Park. How wrong we were.
When you first set eyes on the stark beauty of an original 1914 Harley-Davidson, you can only imagine the day it rolled out of the shed, being ridden around the block in Juneau Avenue. It looks like it does in the old photos, but to admire this amazing piece of engineering in the flesh is a real treat.

We had met to celebrate the fact that this model is 100 years old, and its owner, John Warr, is this year celebrating 90 years of his family-owned Harley-Davidson dealership in London’s King’s Road. And what better way to celebrate than pedal-starting the Silent Gray Fellow and inviting H.O.G.®’s very own Jeremy Pick to take it for a ride?...

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NEWS...... See John Warr ride this 100 year old Harley in the famous 'Pioneer Run' from London to Brighton on Sunday March 22nd, 2015. Watch over 300 of the World's earliest pre WW1 'Pioneer' motorcycles as they wind their way, by hook or by crook, from Tattenham Corner on Epsom Downs to Madeira Drive in Brighton. It's an amazing sight to see - don't miss it! Event starts from 8am with most entrants on route by 9.30am.