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Bill Davidson visits Warr's

Harley legend at Europe's oldest Harley dealership

Harley-Davidson legend and factory founders great grandson Bill Davidson, broke into valuable holiday time to visit Europe's oldest Harley dealership, Warr's of London.

Of course it's not everyday Harley royalty pay you a visit so the landmark dealership ensured it was it's usual pristine self and the visit was given full VIP status.

John Warr welcomed Bill and fellow top H-D exec Ken Ostermann and proceeded to give them a tour of the hallowed turf - Warr's has been a home to Harley in the UK since 1924 and a place of pilgrimage for many Harley fans from around the globe. 

The dealerships large collection of rare and beautiful vintage H-D's going right the way back to the turn of the last century certainly gave Bill an added incentive to visit - Bill is in charge of the Motor Company's archive and highly regarded Museum in Milwaukee.

John also showed Bill the Kings Road Customs department where stock H-D's get turned into stunning, bespoke build award winning customised Harleys. 

Bill Davidson and John Warr

After the dealership tour John presented Bill with a framed and very rare original Harley-Davidson advertisement from a 1915 edition of the Illustrated London News.

Later on invited guests enjoyed lunch and got the opportunity to have a chat and get their photo taken with Bill beside one of John Warr's rare vintage machines.

Below; Bill Davidson with officers from Chelsea & Fulham HOG and Meridian HOG. Bike is 1914 Model C10 Grey Fellow from the Warr Collection. Left to right: Steve Hush, Les Channing, Richard Beake, Kevin Whiffin, Michael Howers, Colin Houliston, Bill Davidson, David O'Flaherty, John Warr, Paul Wiggins, Andrew Papas.