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Large turnout for unique event

M.J. Westley Exhibition at Warr's

A select group gathered for a unique art showcase from Guinness Royal Academy Prize Winning Artist, M.J. Westley in a less than conventional setting yesterday evening (7th Nov).

The modern twist on traditional art viewings hosted by Europe’s oldest Harley-Davidson dealership, Warr’s Kings Road, demonstrated that despite being an established art area, Chelsea still has something new to offer the art world.

The artist draws some of his inspiration from the adventures he has while riding his Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. The unique showroom-turned-gallery environment enabled those viewing the art to connect with Westley’s original experience.

A selection of rare vintage 'Gray Fellow' Harley-Davidson motorcycles, dating back to the 1900’s, also formed part of the unusual art line-up.

If you missed the M.J. Westley exhibition at Warr's visit his website to find out more.


Event photography by Rachel Luckhurst