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Wed, 06 Sep 2017




Harley-Davidson has redesigned, rebuilt and reinvented its celebrated Softail® range. Just a quick look at the eight all-new Softail motorcycles will underline how awesome these new models really are.


All 2018 Softail models get a new heartbeat from the most powerful engines ever offered in Harley-Davidson Big Twin cruisers, the new Milwaukee-Eight™ 107ci (1745cc) and 114ci (1868cc) V-Twins. The Milwaukee-Eight engines retain the iconic 45-degree V-Twin cylinder angle with a broad-shouldered top end accentuated by a single camshaft design that tapers to a slim bottom end for a muscular contour. Softail models also feature a refined, dual internally counter-balanced system that reduces engine vibration while maintaining the familiar Harley-Davidson feel. Harley-Davidson’s trademark ‘potato-potato-potato’ sound comes through strong with less intake and mechanical noise. The end result is a stunning looking engine with more pulling power delivering maximum smiles on any ride.


The handling of a Softail now enters a new era with a lighter, more rigid frame that elevates form and function to a higher plane, while maintaining the classic look of a hardtail and delivering a thoroughly modern ride. Benefits of the new chassis include increased lean angles for many models, sharper turn-in response, quicker acceleration, agility, lighter weight and easier side-stand lift off than previous models. That smile from riding a new Softail has just got wider!


Add to this new LED headlights across the Softail range, USB charging points and styling to suit everybody, the new Softails are ready to deliver an unforgettable ride every day. Are you ready to ride them?


Book a test ride today to secure your opportunity of finding out just how good a ride the new Softail machines really are. Prepare to be thrilled and beat the rush by booking online at: Test Ride.


The bikes have hit the road and are making their way to us. So stay tuned for details on how you can make sure you’re one of the first in line to take a test ride.