Sell your bike

Top prices paid - Collection - Immediate payment - Hassle free

Warr's Harley-Davidson® are widely acknowledged as one of the UK's leading buyers of high-quality used Harleys.

We're always looking for used H-D's and we look for quality. We use our exceptional experience and knowledge in the motorcycle world, we aim to bring an unmatched service and make selling your bike as straight-forward and easy as possible.

We offer an outright purchase option, but only motorcycles of the highest quality are considered for an outright purchase. We offer a range of options when it comes to selling your bike, so you've got a flexible route depending on your needs.

Our Part Exchange

A convenient method when buying a new motorcycle is offering your current bike in as a part exchange for either a deposit or for a lump sum off the cost of your new motorcycle. We offer part exchanges for your motorcycle, which then gives you a range of options from our new and used stock. We'll always offer you the best price for your bike that we can, no matter the year, make or model.

Outright Purchase

Whether you're looking to free up some money or if you're just unhappy with other offers from different dealerships, we offer outright purchasing no matter the value of your motorcycle. It's our preferred method of buying. It's simple, hassle-free and can be arranged within 24 hours if needs be with immediate payment.

Sale or return

If you're thinking of selling your motorcycle privately, or believe it's worth more than what you've been offered we may have a solution.

Try out our brokerage service, where can we offer the maximum return for your vehice.

We can cut out the hassle of selling your motorcycle privately, avoiding any time-wasters, any lowballers and pesky-picky buyers. We offer flexibility and a solid service that you can rely on, from start to finish we're dedicated to providing a hassle free service and eliminating any quirks you may have had from other dealerships or by privately selling.

Along with that, we also offer aftersales services such as warranty, finance packages and rest assured; our team are there when you need them.