Care and Maintenance

Your Harley needs looking after to keep it in top shape. Cleaning and maintenance of its surfaces are paramount to safety, values and of course pride!

In a world that is becoming increasingly more virtual, it is comforting to know that something as real as a Harley-Davidson® still exists. Not only can you see it, but you can smell it, feel it and taste it. Iron. Chrome. Leather.

Maybe that is why we spend so much time cleaning our motorcycles. It is not enough just to ride them. We want to feel every fender's curve, every bolt's hard edge, and memorize the sensation. The key is to clean it right.

Despite good intentions, you can actually damage your motorcycle if you don't clean it in the proper way. Dirty rags, harsh detergents and neglected areas can cause scratching, dulling and, yes, galvanic corrosion. Keeping your Harley® clean is crucial to its long-term well-being and value. A clean bike is also easier to maintain and more likely to maintain its value.